What is crear correo electronic?

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The phrase “crear correo electronic” sounds spanish. What does the phrase mean? Is it something related to electronics or online stuff?

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The phrase “crear correo electronic” is the Spanish version of the English words “create email”. This is an option available in various Spanish websites, where the visitors are given the privilege of creating emails. Emails have always been an effective way to communicate between two and a group of people. Now it has become more than this.

Nowadays, it is not only used to communicate but also has become the medium of expressing oneself. The email is supposed to be one’s signature. These days’ tech savvy people have come out of the software like Dreamweaver, to make the email more creative and effective. There are several websites which provide step-by-step procedures to create email.

Some websites which can help to create emails are http://www.ehow.com/how_4464989_create-email-templates-dreamweaver.html ; http://www.canadatop.com/article/Create+email .

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