What are some basic assumptions about research?

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Education is considered to be incomplete without research activity. What is research? What are some basic assumptions about research? Suggest

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Research, as the name depicts, is all about finding and arranging the fact in a manner which can answer some question, usually called research question.

There are many definitions of research and all those given by qualified researchers are true and valid because the process has many dimensions itself, so whichever valid aspect is identified, it can be a definition of research. Coming to some basic assumptions of research, the first will be that there is no best way to do research. The research problem, the circumstances, the factors which are to be observed help in determining the appropriate strategies for research, so no single method can be regarded as a standard.

Secondly, prior experience can be misleading to the same degree as it is considered to be helpful. Research is considered and is truly a complex craft involving the researcher to take care of many factors at a time.

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