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How many cups make a gallon? Is it four or eight or twelve? I am not sure how to measure cups in a gallon. Kindly suggest

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Sixteen cups make a gallon in other words; there are 16 US cups in one US Gallon. You can refer to the metric conversions in the website http://www.asknumbers.com/GallonToCup.aspx which shows a clear conversion charts for the US gallons. It clearly shows 16 cups are there in one US Gallon. There are 16 cups, 8 pints; 4 quarts all equal a gallon. That means its 2 cups X 2 pints x 4 quarts which equals 16 cups.

This result comes, if you roundup to the nearest decimal. But if want an exact measurement, there is 126 oz in a gallon which makes to 8 oz cups and that will make 15.75 cups. To make it simpler, we round it up to the nearest decimal to say there are 16 cups in a gallon.

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