How can I use Mapquest.ca in Ontario for driving directions?

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Question asked ( January 30, 2010 , Transport )

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Not really sure how to find my way around in the province of Ontario, so can you tell me how to use Mapquest.ca for driving directions?

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Ontario is a great place to visit, for holidays or for business. By just doing a google search for Mapquest.ca, you will be taken to a page with many different websites. Go to the one that clearly states Mapquest.com. Click on it. Go down a little bit and on the left side you will see "go to United States Map - change default location". Click on that sentence and it will go away. A blank space will be created and that is where you put the address in Ontario, Canada, that you need driving directions for. Make sure you specify in the address that you are looking for that particular location in Ontario, Canada. You will be asked to make a choice between "directions to" and "directions from". For help in finding your way in Toronto, please click here. Enjoy your trip!

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