What is the total of airmiles points in my account ?

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Question asked ( December 04, 2009 , Shopping )

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How can I know how many points I accumulated with airmiles? I also want to know how to check my account and how to enjoy my airmiles. Also, what is the ''Everybody Wins'' Canada contest?

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Answered ( 4 années, 9 moiss ago by Martine Dallaire )

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Before being able to consult your airmiles record, you 'll have to register yourself in: www.airmiles.ca or by phone to get a PIN. After you registered, you can consult your record through Internet on the same website or again, on the phone. You don't have to speak to an attendant to get your record. The toll-free number is 1-888-AIRMILES.

To buy a reward, you still can do it over the phone or through their website.It takes about 7 to 10 days to receive your reward by mail. Apart from getting rewarded with a trip, you can also reward yourself with gift certificates, movie tickets, kitchenware nad lots more.

Regarding the contest, unfortunately, itis just for new registrants through email, that gives you the chance to win airmiles for your new registration.

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Answered ( 4 années, 8 moiss ago by Dallas Asselstine )

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how do I find my total air miles collected

Answered ( 4 années, 8 moiss ago by Dallas Asselstine )

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check air miles points/how to find my total air miles collected for my air miles account number log in or how many air miles I have accumulated?

Answered ( 2 années, 6 moiss ago by W.a. Seagers )

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i wish to convert my airmile points to 50 dollar gift
certifcates. how do i go about this?

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i would like to the total points on my air miles card

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