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Hello, i have many pokemon cards and i would like to know their value. Is there a list for free on the internet that i could check? Thank you.

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I am too a fan of Pokemon cards and despite the fact that they are less popular than when they started being sold on the market, there are still people who are fanatical about them. Your question reminds me that maybe I should too try to see if my own cards have some value and in fact, they have quite a nice value.

I've found a site which is really simple. Simply a table listing the cards value, no colors, no fancy decor. A table that's it. You may consult it by browsing on www.outer-limit.net/prices.html and let me tell you that I was very surprised by the value of Charizard.

Also to get the best possible price, I suggest you to visit the following website where you'll find a step by step guide on how to sell your Pokemon cards: www.ehow.com/how_4999492_value-pokemon-cards.html

And finally visit that link to sell your Pokemon cards (www.best-price.com).

Now if you want to check if people are willing to pay the price, watch on Ebay and see what happens with the auctions.

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Answered ( 4 années, 3 moiss ago by JACK GRAYSON )

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I have been looking my self for the same thing. I have only found two sight that has most of the cards but not all. The web link to that sight is
And the the other is an eBay store. Though this seller dose not seem to give away cards like most other eBay stores they seem to stay about the same price frame as the other one. that link is


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