Is Kijiji available in Sherbrooke to buy and sell things?

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Question asked ( July 01, 2010 , Shopping )

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I will be studying in Sherbrooke soon and was wondering if Kijiji is a good idea if I want to buy and sell a few things when I move into my new appartment?

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Kijiji would be a good place for you to buy and sell things when you move into your new apartment. Sherbrooke is listed under Quebec province. The website is organized into various categories such as buy and sell, vehicles, housing etc. Since you are a student, you may view the books section under the buy and sell category. You might find good deals for text books which you may need in school.

All you need to start selling is to register with the website after which you will be able to start posting classifieds in your own area. You can also pay a visit to the discussion page to catch a glimpse or two of current affairs or other interesting discussions. You can also read Kijiji: the best in Canada for more interesting information.

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