Does Kijiji in the province of Quebec have classifieds?

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Question asked ( July 28, 2010 , Shopping )

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I now live in the province of Quebec and would like to use Kijiji to sell some things I need to get rid of. I also have to buy a few articles. How do I do that?

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Answered ( 4 années, 1 mois ago by Pat Bagano )

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There are many online classifieds boards to find different localities to search for anything. You can try kijiji.ca or simply google the key words, Kijiji, Quebec, classified and you will sure find results on what you are looking for. Online advertising boards can somewhat be confusing, and if you still cannot find what you are looking for then you can go on and try using yellow pages. They are almost similar to classified boards, but your list would be businesses. It is better than not finding what you are looking for anyway right? Go on and try yellowpages.ca. Just key in what you are in search of and the post code of the locality e.g. postal code in Kijiji, province of Quebec. Please read this Kijiji: the best in Canada for additional information.

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