Is Kijiji in Prince Albert a good website to buy and sell?

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Question asked ( July 01, 2010 , Shopping )

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Can we sell and buy things on the Internet if we live in Prince Albert, and would Kijiji be a good choice?

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Kijiji would be a good choice for you to sell and buy things on the internet. As a matter of fact, Prince Albert is listed under Saskatchewan province when you visit kijiji.ca. This will enable you to buy and sell in your own area or close to your area.

Kijiji is generally a simple website to use for advertising classifieds and also finding items which you may wish to buy. After you register at the website, you will be able to post classifieds in your own geographical area and in a respective category for instance buy and sell. The website also has a search module that enables users to look for particular items by searching keywords. There is also a help page that will inform you on anything you need to know about the website. You can also try reading Kijiji: the best in Canada for some more information.

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