Is Kijiji in Charlottetown reliable to buy or sell things?

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We have to clear a lot of stuff and need a few things too for our new house. Living in Charlottetown, can we buy and sell various items using Kijiji?

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Yes you can buy and sell stuff on Kijiji. Charlottetown is listed on Kijiji.ca under Prince Edward Island area in Prince Edward Island province. It would be possible for you to sell and buy things in your own area which will make it very easy for you to clear your stuff.

You may also get potential customers who may not be near you. You can get calls immediately after posting your classifieds depending on how good the deal is or the demand of the item. Caution must always be upheld when dealing with sellers who you do not know since you might end up paying for a good which you will never see. In this case, it is advisable for you to be sure that you are dealing with a person who is genuine. You will definitely find Kijiji.ca of good use. You can try reading Kijiji: the best in Canada for some more information.

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