What is letras para nick?

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I have heard “letras para nick”, but not sure what is the meaning of this. What does it mean and which language is it from?

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The phrase “letras para nick” is in Spanish language. It is most probably a software from MSN for converting the letters. This appears to be a nick name of the software “Letras Gigantes”. “MSN Letras Gigantes” is an easy to use program which generates ASCII character for the professional letters. It is amazing software where the user just need to type in the text for which ASCII characters are required and copy-paste the result in any IM client or the applications which supports these characters.

The “MSN Letras Gigantes” provides the user with an option to customize their chat who loves to have conversation in style.

“MSN Letras Gigantes” can be used with any application. It is available free of cost. Visit http://downloads.phpnuke.org/download/letras+para+el+nick.htm for more information.

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