How to find 80's women workout clothes?

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Someone at work is doing an 80's party and we must wear women's workout clothes. Do you have any suggestions?

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So if you need to transform yourself into Jane Fonda for a few hours, maybe we can help you with a few tips. You can start with a headband (remember Olivia Newton-John in her Let's Get Physical video?), sheer hose, big colored scrunchy socks and don't forget the white high-top Reeboks! If you can, try to put a tiny thin belt around your waist... Leotards are also very 80's and perfect women workout clothes. And why not a side ponytail to add some zest? Depending on your age, you might find all that stuff in your mother's closet. Another great place to find some of it is on Ebay. And for makeup 80's style, women will appreciate freebeautytips.org to go with the workout clothes! Enjoy your party! And for even more information, you can read Look great in 80s workout clothes for women!

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