Where to find a free virtual hairstyle online?

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Question asked ( August 25, 2009 , Fashion / Hairstyles )

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I want a new haircut with a fringe but before i would like to try it on my picture with a free virtual hairstyle simulator online. Do you know a free website? Is it easy to download a picture?

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Answered ( 5 années ago by Amber )

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Lucky you. There was a time when you had to put the scissors in your hair to find out what you’d look like with a short haircut… but not anymore. Virtual makeover let you change just about anything you want, from length to color to style, before your favourite hairdresser actually touches your hair.

On www.instyle.com/instyle/makeover you can discover how your favourite celebrity hairstyle would look on you. You can also change your style at will on www.beautyriot.com and www.thehairstyler.com.

All the above websites give you the option to find a free virtual hairstyle to upload your photo and play with it until you find the look that is right for you. And all are free, including registration when required. Have fun!

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Answered ( 4 années, 10 moiss ago by JANET )

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i am a 50 year old grandmother, ready for a change. i am unsure where to start with a proper cut and color for my thin and long face. please help me look younger!

Answered ( 4 années, 10 moiss ago by Nath )

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Hello Janet,

A short haircut is always a winner hairstyle for a woman of 50 years old and over. A short haircut helps to look younger and less tired. The important thing to remember: always wear a well formed haircut. Regular visits (at each 4 – 5 weeks) to your hairdressing salon are a must.

You do not have to have an urchin cut: a mid-long haircut can be great if the length does not exceed the shoulders. A degraded haircut is also a good idea because it softens face. About the color, avoid the dark ones and prefer light brown, light auburn, etc.

To be sure to find the best haircut that will suit to your face, take an apointment with a stylist hairdresser. This professional will suggest different hairstyles and you will just have to choose the style you prefer. You can also try an Internet virtual makeover: it will give you a good idea about the look you would like to have. Do not forget to bring your printed pictures to your hairdresser.

Good luck!

Answered ( 4 années, 7 moiss ago by Doralis )

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I was searching for a virtual hairstyle too and I found this page that is one of the best pages. You only have to register putting your email and password and that's it. Then you upload a photo of you and the rest is easy. The best of that is that the wig adjust to the face very easily and you can put makeover too on your photo. This is the page and I hope that it helps you
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