What is the eligibility for unemployment insurance in Ontario?

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I just lost my job and would like to know more on my eligibility for unemployment insurance in Ontario. Can I do it online?

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Yes, you can apply for eligibility for unemployment insurance in Ontario. I know you would find it confusing when you visit some of the sites below. Most of them have indicated details of employment insurance. This is because employment insurance was being called unemployment insurance in the past but changes have been made recently. We are sorry that you have lost your job but there are some insurance that will provides temporary income support during your period of unemployment when you visiting the following sites.
www.hrsdc.gc.ca/eng/corporate/facts/employment_insurance, www.settlement.org/sys/faqs_detail.asp?faq_id=4001137, www.canada.com/business/, www.ehow.com/how_5093787_file-unemployment-insurance, www.canadaei.com/ontario-employment-insurance.ph, www.docstoc.com/docs/4979340/unemployment-benefits
These sites will give you all the details you need to find out.

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Participate in accordance with the provisions of the unemployment insurance, where the unit and I have been in accordance with the provisions to fulfill payment obligations at least one year.

The two non-suspension of employment, unemployed persons do not want to interrupt employment was interrupted due to the reason that I can not control employment. Unemployment insurance benefits, to apply for the issuance Measures "issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security which case belongs to non-suspension of employment makes provision include: the termination of the labor contract, the workers terminate the labor contract by the employer, the workers were expelled from the employer, delisting and dismissal, the employer is illegal or in violation of the labor contract workers resignation. The above circumstances(www.cusabio.com/pro_2.html Protein) resulting in workers' unemployment, workers have the right to apply for unemployment insurance.

Third, it has been registered as unemployed, and the job requirements. Registered as unemployed in order to master the basic situation of the unemployed person, to confirm their eligibility. To be a job requirement, taking into account an important function of the unemployment insurance is to promote workers reemployed. This is a prerequisite to be entitled to unemployment insurance benefits, but also the obligation of unemployed .

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