Any examples of computer processing devices?

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How do computers work? Can you give me examples of the major computer processing devices that make all this work so smoothly?

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Computers help in getting things done at jet speed mainly because of the combine effects of hardware, software, input and output. The CPU, Central Processing Unit is like the heart of the computer, where most of the work is completed. Several important computer-processing devices help in making sure computers run through a smooth process. Every computer has four main things to do input, processing, storage and output. To do each of these functions, it is necessary to use some devices. For input to the computer, a mouse and keyboard are needed. To process the data, a processor is required. These two things can be touched and felt, so they constitute the basic computer hardware. To know more details about computer processing devices, check out the site: library.thinkquest.org/11309/data/hardware.htm.

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